Building Consents from $4500 + GST

If you know exactly what you want, with you proposed alteration/addition, we can draft up all the drawings required for consent and submit to the local council on your behalf.

Prices vary depending on complexity starting at $4,500 + GST. Call now to obtain your obligation free quote. 

note: consultancy fees such as engineer, fire engineer and land surveyor excluded. Also council requests for information (RFI's) are excluded.


These drawings may include (but are not limited too):

Site Plan (1:200); GIS Plan; Location Plan

Existing Plan (1:100)

Proposed Plan (1:100)

Foundation Plan (1:100)

Bracing Plan (1:100)

Rafter Plan (1:100)

Roof Plan (1:100)

Elevations (1:100)

Sections (1:50)

Details (1:5)

Electrical (1:100)

Plumbing & Drainage (1:100)

Window Schedule (1:50)